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Professional Bio

Professional Bio

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Creating new business and sales has always been my passion. And, I have done it several times over for several companies and even my own.

Do you want new sales? Let's talk.

I bought my first business while in college and negotiated terms ran it, increased sales and profits, and sold it for 3X what I paid for it.  It was a coupon book for college students at the local campus (UNL).  Advertising clients targeted were local restaurants, services, and retail establishments catering to college students.  I was responsible for sales, production, and distribution.  I increased sales revenue, distribution, and net profits.

Recruited out of college by my former manager at the student newspaper.  I relocated from Lincoln, NE to Dallas, TX.  To work as an account rep for a  start up  weekly entertainment publication called the Dallas Observer.  It was a challenge going up against two big established newspapers in the market (Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald) both had weekly entertainment sections.

This first job launched my career in sales, management and eventually my own business.  Working in the print media industry as a sales rep, sales manager, and publisher.  I saw the affect and transformation that the internet was having on the media industry.  And I made a change to the Building Materials (LBM) industry.

I created the website using WordPress and print product literature for sales, marketing, and end-user education.  Writing content using SEO keywords and YouTube instruction videos.  Resulting in page one ranking organically on Google and other search engines.  Increasing unique page views by over 1000% and sales leads by over 400%.